Some YouTube appearances out there: 


Kerry in Duran Duran's Face for Today Official Video


Kerry with Elisha Cuthbert on the set of "Captivity" (extended clip is on the Captivity DVD)


Kerry with Bill Cosby, Tony Bennett, Stevie Wonder, and James Ingram

Kerry as Anna Reardon in Miss Reardon Drinks a Little


SAG Awards Party


Kerry's comedy novel A Spoonful of Black Widow is available on Amazon.

Kerry's piece It's Her was recently shown at Blue Line Arts Gallery.

Kerry's piece Ice Queen was shown at Blue Line Arts Gallery.

Kerry's piece Thought was on display at Blue Line Arts Gallery.   

The feature film Snuff featuring Kerry as Krys screened at the Frida Cinema in Santa Ana, California. 
OC Weekly writer Aimee Murillo led a Q&A with Director Dave Barton and the cast. 

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